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Liberation is life-changing, and we’re all a little scared of change.

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A very good friend of mine, brilliant woman that she is, carries around with her permission slips.

While she is, in fact, the mom of a school-aged kiddo, this isn’t that kind of permission slip.  Rather, these permission slips are gracefully pulled out of her purse, or journal, or calendar when she sees an opportunity for freedom.  With the slips, she reminds friends and fellow firestarters to give themselves the freedom, the permission, to be great, or be messy, or be human.  To respect their needs as valid and allow themselves to be held and revealed, by the truly awesome reality of their humanity and power and greatness.

As a recovering perfectionist, these permission slips sneak through my heavy armor and hit straight to the heart. In them, there is unleashed a soft acceptance and tender freedom, along with tears or shouts of joy or whatever it is that you, in your beautiful authenticity, release out into the world.  For many of us, our ideas of who we “should be” creates a boundary around who we could be.  If we only gave ourselves the permission to be wholly, incredibly and vulnerably authentic.

We temper our emotion, we limit our dreams.  We leave words unspoken, needs unexpressed.  We buy into the box we’ve created for our lives, we slog through obligations, and say no to scary, new desires, never allowing ourselves the freedom of exploring what it might look like if it were… different.

Get liberated.

Liberation is a confusingly scary thing. There is fear in the face of freedom. The boundaries we’ve set for ourselves — emotionally, creatively, mentally — they’re familiar and known. Working within this framework is comfortable. Maybe a little squished, as the truth of who we are stretches out, pushing to be revealed, but it’s a well-known confinement. Freedom is new, uncharted territory. Liberation is life-changing, and we’re all a little scared of change.

It’s scary, yes, but it’s so damn good.

As a sometimes stubbornly independent woman, I get to learn this lesson repeatedly — usually with a healthy dose of tear-soaked tissues nearby.  Just today, in the midst of financial nitpicking and overwhelm (my personal go-to freakout), I re-learned it.  Reaching out to my honey, the sweetest of sweethearts – spreadsheets and receipts and pro’s-and-con’s lists littering the table in front of me – I grew silent and asked, softly, “Am I just a mess?” He spoke. Not to fix or solve my financial meltdown. Only to say what I truly needed to hear: “You’re allowed to be a mess. You’re human. Sometimes, I’m a mess.” Mmmm, permission granted.

I tell myself that I need to go it alone. I give myself permission to delegate or depend, to lean and be loved. I tell myself that it needs more work, more polish. I give myself the freedom to push send or publish or release my work to the world.  I tell myself that I will never succeed, I never have before. I give myself the permission to be great, or good, or good enough for now, to see victory in a breath or a step or a choice. I tell myself that that client or gig or opportunity is not what I imagined for myself. I give myself the freedom to do what feels free, to let ease and joy be a part of the picture, whatever it looks like. I place myself in a well-known box. I give myself permission to bust the hell out of it.

Permission granted.

Best friend birthdays and butterflies.



Today marks the 26th trip around the sun for my first best friend and partner-in-crime, my not-so-much-younger sister, Doodlebug.  She’s pretty dang cute, eh?  She’s not really one for birthday celebrations, she’s probably not even one for internet shoutouts, but the world, my world, would be a hell of a lot dimmer without her.  So tonight, we celebrate!

This weekend marks twenty-six for Doodlebug and a first for me. My first photoshoot. For a girl whose idea of “doing her hair” is a quick brush through and a ponytail and whose history of make-up is laughable, it’s anxiety and butterflies and nervous excitement.

What does your weekend hold?

Here it is. Friday link love and wisdom bits. Happy weekend, friends.

Lessons on salt for dieticians… by a chip maker.

Answering the dreaded “so what do you do?” question.

This is almost too cute to handle. 

Hardcore inspiration. Make it happen.

Couldn’t be happier, y’all. Women agree: we want more than a bikini-body.

A badass woman and one little question.

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This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to see a National Geographic Live presentation by Jodi Cobb.  The woman is seriously incredible.  First female NatGeo photographer.  One of the first photographers allowed into China after it reopened to the West.  She’s kick-ass woman-power and compassion coupled with the ability to make people feel and learn and change the world when they view her work.  From the life of the secretive Geisha in Japan to the millions of men, women and children captured and enslaved in the global trafficking market, Jodi has had the unique opportunity to photograph hidden lives and empty spaces, witnessing loving intimacy and heartbreaking humanity.  In her presentation, she speaks of her experience, of fear and deep sadness, purely authentic joy and connectedness.  A one-of-a-kind life lived without bounds.

But, it was one question, woven throughout, that has stayed with me since…

What can I do that I have never done before?

The question is pure, innocent, almost childlike.  It’s possibility and passion, adventure and exploration.  When asked with openness and curiosity, it’s like a match, igniting the flame of our most foundational desires.  It elicits a visceral response, a physical response — one that can be big or small, audacious or as simple as breathing.  At it’s core, it’s an opening to potential.

Ask yourself this question. What comes up?  Your first thought, first reaction.

Possibility. Potential. Adventure. Openness.

People-watching on the cross-town bus. Waking up twenty minutes early for AM yoga. Standing in front of the mirror and truly loving yourself, if only for just a moment. Rock climbing or sea kayaking. Saying hi to a neighbor. Inviting a friend to dinner. Saying no to an opportunity that doesn’t feel quite right. Saying yes to one that does. Walking instead of driving. Trying a new food, meeting a new friend. A hot bath. A cool walk in the rain. A new book. A new blog.

What gets your juices going? What excites you, turns you on?

That flicker within you exists as a hint to unlock a life of joy and connection, excitement and adventure, focused passion and peace.  Making the conscious decision to explore, to do something that you have never done before, opens up your experience — awakens your desires and creates a path to a life that you love.  Make a mistake?  Choose something that totally sucks?  You know a little more about yourself now. And that, my friend, is freaking beautiful.

What can you do that you have never done before?